Thursday, September 16, 2010

Shaq being the policeman he is

Shaq Accused of Hacking Into Computer to Frame Suspect on Child Porn Charges

    Shaq might be nearing the end of his career, but basketball's notorious Hack-a-Shaq strategy took on a new meaning yesterday as the Hub's newest hoop homeboy slammed a lawsuit filed against him that claims he hacked into a computer and tried to frame a former employee for possessing child porn. The sordid civil suit against Shaquille O'Neal, the Celtics' new No. 36, accuses him of "intentional infliction of emotional distress" upon Shawn Darling, a former employee of the NBA standout.
    The 15-page complaint, filed in a Miami court last month, pelts all manner of allegations at the former MVP and portrays him as a serial philanderer and bully. Among the charges:
    --Shaq dumped his iMac computer in a lake behind his house to destroy evidence in a restraining order case filed by a former galpal. --Shaq broke into the voice mail of yet another mistress in order to erase messages and change her password. --He hacked into Darling's voice mail. --Using his many law enforcement connections, Shaq tried to frame Darling for multiple crimes and blamed the former employee for the breakup of his marriage.
    In a lengthy statement released by his representatives yesterday, O'Neal called Darling "an ex-con" with a lengthy record. He portrayed the suit as a brazen cash-grab by a man who previously tried to extort him for $12 million by threatening to expose O'Neal's personal communications and e-mails.
    "Mr. O'Neal has made it crystal clear that he will never respond to these outrageous tactics," Shaq's representatives said in a statement. "As a result, Darling filed a lawsuit which seeks only to embarrass, harass and extract money from Mr. O'Neal."
    O'Neal's attorney Benjamine Reid called the claims in the suit a "complete and utter fabrication."
    Reid also accused Darling of copying personal information from Shaq's computer without his permission

    I think shaq is just doing shaq everyone agree?


    1. LOL, sort of like Manny being Manny? Obviously Shaq is guilty if he through a computer, which could contain evidence, into a lake. SHAQ! What are you doing with the imac? Give it to me! He's still gonna dominate the courts this season!

    2. Showin some love! Awesome Post!